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Hyderabad Girls Photo

Hyderabad was founded in on the banks of Musi river located at the intersection of North and South India at the tip of the Deccan plateau, which gives them a unique culture. Hyderabad and Secunderabad the two cities within the scope of a municipal entity, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

Hyderabad Beautiful Girls Photo

The city of Hyderabad, India is well connected by bus with air, train and taxi from within and outside India. The main attractions of the region are well connected by rail and buses. The Government of Andhra Pradesh constituted the Quli Qutub Shah Urban Development Authority to provide better social services like water supply, sewerage, communications, electricity, housing, hospitals, clinics, schools, banks, hotels, leisure education and marketing services .

Hyderabad Beautiful Girls Photo

The various offices of the area are jewelry made with pearls of rice studded lac bangles with stones, silver, jewelry, saris, Nirmal and kalam kari paintings and objets d’art, handcrafted items Bidri, silk items and clothing handwoven clothing based.

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A city rich in history and tradition, Hyderabad now competes with Bangalore, Chennai for the crown of IT capital of India, Microsoft and Google have their headquarters here India.

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